Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs were the first computer drawings I ever made. Years ago, someone made an animation with my own name for me which I liked so much that I wanted to be able to create such animations myself. So I learned how to use photo editing software and started making the first animations. These old ones can still be reached through my Links.

All my newer animations can be found here on the new website.

A little on how I work:

I start by drawing little figures in Paint Shop Pro, software similar to Photoshop. Most of the time I do this literally pixel by pixel. After this I make the different frames by changing small parts of the drawing. Finally, I put the frames together in a little program called Animation Shop. It is a very old program but it still works just fine for me. Lately I have also used the open-source vector drawing program Inkscape for my initial drawings. This is the same program I have used for the illustrations in my book

A few notes:

You are free to download the animations on this website for personal use only. If you want to place one or two of them on your own website, I ask that you include a link to my website.

You are under no circumstances allowed to alter the animations or remove the ‘Sandrak’ logo and pass them off as your own. They are not to be placed in any kind of collections. Turning them in to signature tags is also considered altering and not allowed.

Above all, feel free to share the link to my website with your friends. If you do want to use my animations, please save them to your own computer rather than make use of direct linking!

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