Photography is something I have enjoyed for many years. Due to medical restrictions, my subjects were mainly close to home, often taken in my own backyard. The photos are posted on my old photo website, which can be reached through my Links.

It has a lot of pictures which are used by various Paint Shop Pro users who turn them into e-mail stationery, cards, and more. These old photos may be used for free, within the terms stated on that website.

After getting my stoma in 2010, I was no longer confined to my direct surroundings and I could finally make some dream trips.

Also the quality of my photo equipment went up over the years. I currently own a Pentax K-1 FF DSLR camera and some nice lenses. My Pentax SMC DA * 300mm f / 4 ED [IF] SDM is my absolute favourite lens, especially for animal shots. I also have a Sony RX 100 IV, for when I can’t or do not want to take out a big camera. It has an amazingly good image quality for such a small camera, as well as the option to photograph in RAW.

Nowadays I focus mostly on landscapes and animals. The animals are often photographed in zoos, but whenever possible also in the wild. My best pictures are showcased here on this website.

Many of my photos are also available in high resolution on Wildlife Photo’s Reference for Artists. You can read more about the details in Drawings.

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