New photo’s

Last month we had a wonderful trip to Southern Norway. A beautiful country with a very varied nature.
We have been to many beautiful places and of course I took many pictures. You can find quite a few HERE in the albums South Norway 1, 2 and 3.

Our kittens Mexx (Ragdoll) and Mishka (Siberian forest cat) have also grown into beautiful adult cats. So I posted a long overdue new album with pictures HERE.
They are still good friends, although it sometimes happens that the hairs fly through the air. Mexx thinks that she is the oldest and therefore the boss, while Mishka does not always want to be mothered. Then he gently reminds her of the fact that he is twice as big and twice as heavy. She on the other hand fits into hiding places that he can no longer reach. Fortunately, they are usually crazy about each other and very naughty. Usually Mexx thinks up the mischief and Mishka then carries it out. As a result all drawers are now secured with child locks.

The sale of my children’s books is going nicely. There are still copies to order (in Dutch only).

Unfortunately I had to stop drawing with colored pencil for a while, due to osteoarthritis in both my hands. I hope to be able to pick it up again in the future. Fortunately can still use my drawing program on the PC. Soon I’ll be creating some new gif animations. I already have some great ideas for them. In time, they will appear on this website.

Finally I would like to wish everyone a very nice summer!

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