Baa, baa, meh………

“Baa, baa, meh ……… Hi, Hilda  here… meh  … I would like to tell you that we had a visitor a few days ago. At first we did not like it at all, this strange woman with a black thing that went “click” all the time. What did you think, Tilda?”

“Baa girl, you’re absolutely right. I rushed my babies back to the safety of the barn. You know Hilda, I’ve never run so hard in my life and with full udders too!”

“Yeah  Tilda, me too  mehehe …., but it was not necessary at all. She appeared to be very nice and not at all dangerous. So later we let her get much closer to our sweet lambs. ”

“That’s right Hilda. Because she was so sweet, we agreed to tell you all that you can find us with all our relatives in the photography album Sheep. Baa!”

“If you like our babies, you can let us know in a comment. Meh…. maybe you will even get a reply from us.”

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