Fall comes with new animal photo’s.

Are you enjoying the beautiful fall colours as much as I am? The weather has been so nice lately that I had the opportunity to go out and shoot a lot of animal pictures. The results can be found as additions to the following Albums: Big Cats, Primates,  Meerkats, Raccoons and Other.

Also some dogs and cats belonging to friends were willing to pose for me. The session with Charlie, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his friend miniature Yorkshire Terrier Nina was especially fun to do. Monster, the red shorthair cat was a bit shy at first, but warmed up to me eventually. He has such beautiful eyes and a stunning fur colour. Those photo’s are placed in the Dogs and the Domestic Cats Albums.

Finally some pictures of the Dutch Island Texel in the album The Netherlands in the category Travel.

New pictures are always on top of the gallery pages. I hope you enjoy browsing them as  much as I liked shooting them.

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