Gorgeous Sandcats.

After having been to the zoo in Wuppertal, only to find out they were just renovating their home and the cats were not to be seen, a long time wish has come true. In the Parc des Felins in France I have finally been able to photograph the beautiful Sand- or desert cats, my favorite cat species. They are about the size of a domestic cat and will remain looking like kittens their entire life. The triangular shaped heads and the cute appearance are what makes them stand out. But do not be mistaken. They are wild cats, ferocious hunters, who can not be tamed and are not suitable as a pet. Of course they get a whole album with photos here. Also a few new pictures in the albums Wild cats and Big cats, also taken in this beautiful animal park, dedicated to felines.
On the way back home we visited the butterfly garden in Grevenmacher (Luxembourg). A number of butterfly photographs can be found in the album insects.

The websites of both the butterfly garden and the animal park are on my links page.

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