New pencils.

Summer has been busy with spending time with family, enjoying our new garden room, trying out new camera lenses and more. In between I did find time to do some drawing, with this fox as a result. Unlike my other drawings, this was not done in Prismacolor pencils, but entirely with my new box of Caran d’ache Luminance pencils. For the first layers they are a bit hard on the suede mat board, not as smooth as the Prismacolor or the Derwent Coloursoft. The more layers you put on though, the better they work. I like them very much. They also don’t break as easily as the Prismacolor. The downside is that they come in only 76 colours, whereas the Prismacolor has 150 colours to choose from. Also the Luminance are more expensive. Anyway, they are a great addition to my pencil collection and I am sure I will use them a lot. Click HERE for a bigger picture of the fox.

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