Playing with pastel pencils.

For a long time this box of pastel pencils has been lying around in my drawer, but I never did anything serious with them. They did not appeal to me at all. I actually wanted to toss them out, but instead decided to experiment one more time. It works very differently than just colored pencil. You can’t use light on dark colors, sharpening is much more difficult, you get dirty hands and you always have to look out not to smudge the work. To my surprise I actually liked working with them. Even more so when I discovered that a white gel pen works great for whiskers and other white accents. Four pastel drawings can be found under drawings> pastel pencil.

In the meantime, I have also visited Lianne, a former girl next door, to photograph her new kitten Abel He is 9 weeks old and incredibly sweet and playful. A few pictures can be seen under photography> animals> domestic cats. You will probably also see him as a drawing sometime soon. He is too adorable not to draw. Finally I added some new insect photo’s to Animals>Insects.

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