Nieuwe foto’s

Today I added a lot of new animals photos on the website. The albums Wolves, Birds of prey, Dogs and Wildcats are completely new. The White-tailed Eagle has been moved to the album Birds od Prey. Furthermore, new photos have been added to the existing albums Birds, Big cats and Other animals.

Most of the new photo’s are the result of a trip to a wonderful wildlife park in Germany. No animals in cages, but huge tracts of fenced in forest where the animals can move freely. Some animals, like the foxes, did not show, but the wild cats were just as curious about us as we were about them. On the way out came across some people preparing for a bird of prey show. This was a great opportunity to see the birds up close. I am sure we will visit this park again and who knows, maybe we get lucky and the foxes will feel like meeting us then.

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