I am back….

Wildcat ProgressAfter a long pause because of an abdominal surgery that did not quite go as planned, with a long recovery period, the last post has been a long time ago. By now I am doing a lot better and I was finally able to start drawing again. I’m working on a drawing of wildcat in coloured pencil on suede mat board. The reference photo is one of my own, taken at a wildlife park in Germany. The drawing is, of course, only in the initial phase yet. It is 30×30 cm in size so it will take a while before it will be ready.

This morning I discovered a nice surprise on facebook. I regularly sell photos on a reference photo website for painters and other artists. The painter Andy Moorley used one of my tiger pictures. It is very special to see how your picture is the inspiration for a beautiful painting. You can see Andy’s painting HERE.


Next week we are planning a little trip and with any luck I will come home with some new pictures for you to enjoy.

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