Plezier met Lensbaby.

During these times of staying home more, I have rediscovered my Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens. This manual lens with a minimum aperture of 1.2 (max. 16) allows you to take pictures with a beautifully faded backgroundand a nice glow. At a smaller aperture, it’s razor sharp. Great to experiment with and I really like the dreamy look of some photos.

A while ago I have also bought the Lensbaby Sol 45. This is a lens with a fixed aperture of 3.5 and the possibility to bend the lens. It also has bokeh blades, which you can slide in front of the aperture, giving you a distinct pattern in the background. This lens is also so much fun to work with. I will not be bored this summer. 🙂

I made an album of photos of both lenses. All photos are of flowers from our garden or from bouquets I received. Photography> Lensbaby

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