Update Spring 2020

This year started quite sad for us, with the death of our beloved Ragdoll Otto, at the age of a little over 18 years. We still miss him every day. After while we welcomed our newest family members: Mexx, a Ragdoll cat of a little over 7 months now. Playful, sweet, elegant and headstrong. A great hunter and crazy about her friend Mishka. Mishka is a 6 month Siberian male. A real cuddly cat. Imperturbable, always cheerful and enterprising. He is already bigger and heavier than Mexx, but she bosses him around and he is fine with that. A great couple and the best of friends. We hope they will stay with us at least as long as Otto did. The album is named Kittens and can be found under Photography>Animals

Then an album with photos of the pair of Canada geese, who chose the pond opposite to our home to raise their young. You can’t get very close, because the parents are very protective of their young, but a telephoto lens goes a long way. Photography>Animals>Geese

The last new album is from late March, when thousands of starlings gathered for the night near the Roegwold near Slochteren in the evening. A great sight and an impressive flapping of so many bird wings at once. Not entirely harmless either, because with so many birds above your head, sometimes one drops something. 😉 Photography>Other> SparrowClouds

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