Spring is in the air…

The crocuses already stick their heads above the ground and occasionally it feels a bit like spring. After a month and a half of having the  flu, then bronchitis and yet another severe cold, I am finally starting to slowly recover, sounding more like myself again, instead of a coughing seal.

In a few weeks it will be Easter again. I let it inspire me to do this drawing with kittens and Easter eggs. This time I have used a number of different materials. The drawing is done on Pastelmat paper, using coloured pencil, pastel pencil, Pastel sticks, FC Pitt markers and gel pens. A bit of experimenting how to combine these best. It works just fine in most cases. Only pastel pencil on coloured pencil does not stick. The other way around, first a layer with pastel and then covering with coloured pencil is no problem at all. This way it is possible to do the background in pastel and then fill in the finer details with coloured pencil.The markers and gel pens can be used on any surface.

The drawing in a bigger size can be found at Drawings>Pastel

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